"Ask, and you shall receive Seek, and you shall find Knock and it shall be opened to you."

"Who shall roll away the stone"? They looked - and the stone had been rolled away


When we have a problem, maybe a legal or medical one, or even something amiss with our car, we go to someone whose profession is wholly directed towards the area where we need help.

Perhaps we would be capable of fixing things ourselves if only we had the time to concentrate wholly on this one area. The same principle can apply in times of personal or family difficulties. We just need the spiritual support of those whose vocation is to intercede on our behalf.

You are invited to write orĀ use the Request link on this site to contact the nuns whenever you feel the need of their help. It is not necessary to give your name if you would find this embarrassing, although every contact is treated with complete confidentiality. We all have problems, but God has the answers and it is through prayer that those answers are revealed to us. Sometimes we just need to talk to someone outside our immediate circle of family and friends to clarify a situation or to find hope when things seem hopeless.

Carmel is not a counselling service but prayer does change things and we all need friends who will support us when our burdens, whether they be great or small, make us too weary to pray ourselves.