Come to Me all you who labour and are heavily burdened and I will refresh you

About Us

The Carmel of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Wagga Wagga was founded in 1966 from the Melbourne Carmelite monastery. The original Carmelite Rule is followed by the community whose members strive to retain the spirit of the hermit's life in the midst of the busy, modern world and to welcome those who visit the monastery as the first hermits on Mt. Carmel would have welcomed weary pilgrims.

The life is wholly dedicated to prayer, both communal and solitary, built around daily Mass and the recitation of the Divine Office. It is eremetical in its spirit and monastic in its usages and customs with a concerned awareness of the needs of the Church and the world in this modern age. As much as possible the nuns work alone and in silence as the Rule enjoins: "In silence and hope shall your strength be". This is not a sterile silence but rather the creation of a space where the "whisper of a gentle breeze", the presence of God, can be felt.

Everything in the monastery is owned in common so that the nuns can be free of preoccupation with personal possessions and can direct their prayers and thoughts to the needs of others.